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Cotton-top Tamarin

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Cotton-top tamarins are an endangered species of primate found only in the tropical forests of Colombia. Weighing about 1 pound, this tiny monkey needs our help in order to survive. Proyecto Tití is a conservation program that works to study cotton-top tamarins in their tropical forest habitat as well as educating local communities about the need to protect the biodiversity of Colombia. But, to make conservation economically feasible for many local communities, we have developed some innovative strategies to empower local people to get involved and benefit from conservation activities. You too, can help to support the conservation of cotton-top tamarins by learning more about this amazing animal and contributing to our program.


2013 Proyecto Tití Annual Report

Proyecto Tití is pleased to share our 2013 Annual Report (click this link to view report).  We have celebrated many accomplishments that would not have been possible without your continued generosity. 

Proyecto Tití Launches Campaign for Conservation Education Program Mascot

We are excited to announce the launch of a new campaign through to help us continue to develop our community conservation education program in Colombia. As part of the campaign, Proyecto Tití hopes to purchase a custom-made, human-sized cotton-top tamarin costume, which will become the ambassador of Proyecto Tití. The costume will be used in our community outreach activities (teaching people not to keep monkeys and other wildlife as pets) and also in classroom education (teaching 7th-graders about the importance of wildlife and the environment). Any extra funds we raise will go directly to our conservation activities in Colombia. We are also requesting suggestions on what to name our amazing mascot!

The campaign will run through Tuesday, August 12th – Wednesday, September 17th.

Please visit to help support our campaign and share with your family and friends!

Image Courtesy of LA Zoo

Proyecto Tití and Community Rally to Fight Forest Fire

Photo: Proyecto Titi

On July 9th, a tree was struck by lightning near the village of Los Límites in Northern Colombia and a fire broke out threatening the forests of Ceibal and the lives of cotton-top tamarins.  Normally, lightning strikes during the rainy season are not a problem, however, this year we are experiencing a severe drought and the fire spread easily from the town, to an open agricultural field, and into the nearby forest reserve of Ceibal.

Fighting the growing flames was not an easy task.  The village of Los Limites does not have any running water and the closest fire department is 30 minutes away!  A fire truck was dispatched, but could not reach the fire since there were no paved roads leading to the area.   Working with the firefighters, the Proyecto Tití team, and the communities of Los Limites and Santa Catalina helped to control the fire.  They filled buckets of water and carried them to the fire or transported the water via motorcycle to the firefighters in the field.  You can only imagine how difficult it was to put out a fire with small buckets of water!  The team watched as the fire spread closer to the forest and they began to remove some of the dense understory in an effort to create a fire break. 

Through the determination and hard work of all involved, the fire was extinguished within 2-3 days of the outbreak and left minimal damage to the forest.  The flames primarily affected the understory of the forest, which contained a thick layer of dry leaves and organic debris. We are so incredibly thankful to everyone who helped to extinguish the fire and we are very pleased to report that no cotton-top tamarins were harmed by the fire.  Now begins the effort to repair the damage from the fire and keep a watchful eye on the forest.

Cotton-top Tamarins Featured in TED-ed Original Lesson!

Cotton-top tamarins communicate using a very sophisticated language containing almost 40 distinct and grammatically structured calls.  So what do we know about all of these unique calls?  Now you can learn how to “speak like a tamarin” through the TED-ed Original lesson: “How to Speak Monkey: The Language of Cotton-top Tamarins!  The lesson was created as part of collaboration between Proyecto Tití and the creative animators at TED-ed.  As part of this unique video lesson, viewers follow the day in the life of Shakira, a female cotton-top tamarin, as she uses a variety of chirps and whistles to chat with her family, search for food, and alert against potential nearby predators.  You can view the complete lesson plan and supplementary educational materials on  We are very grateful to TED-ed for helping us to share the fascinating world of cotton-top tamarins with the TED-ed community and audience!

"COTTON-TOP", another video from Federico Pardo Caicedo.


See video footage of cotton-top tamarins and our community programs in Colombia!

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